Our Packages

SuperDNA offers different packages to decode your genetic information, each with varying levels of analysis and detail.

Essential DNA Test

Path 259

Uncover the insights your DNA holds about your overall health, and learn how your genetic makeup can impact certain lifestyle decisions.

Complete DNA Test

Path 259

Find out how your genetic makeup can affect your susceptibility to specific health conditions, and discover preventative measures to reduce your risk.

Ultimate DNA Test

Path 259

The SuperDNA Ultimate DNA test is the cutting-edge solution for decoding your complete genome with unparalleled precision and accuracy.


Path 259

Introducing the most advanced non-invasive test for early cancer detection. With ultra-high precision and accuracy, this test can detect cancer at an early stage by analysing circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA) in your blood. This test is designed to provide you with the information you need to take action and seek treatment as soon as possible.

Innovative Cancer Detection Technology

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Get the information you need to take action and seek treatment as soon as possible. Be a hero in the fight against cancer with this breakthrough technology

Who should take a DNA Test?

take a DNA Test?

SuperDNA’s genetic analysis services cater to a diverse range of individuals, including those seeking a deeper understanding of their genetic makeup and those looking to make informed health decisions. This includes both generally healthy individuals looking to optimize their lifestyle, and those at higher risk for hereditary conditions.

Our services are specifically designed for individuals age 18 and above, with the option for minors to undergo testing with the permission of a parent or legal guardian.

Whole Genome Sequencing - Most Advanced and Comprehensive DNA Test
SuperDNA’s WGS technology decodes 100% of your DNA with ultra-high accuracy, enabling the most comprehensive insights into your health, wellness and disease predisposition.

SuperDNA Tests
100% Genome Reads
Other DNA Tests
< 2% Genome Reads

What You Will Receive from Our Reports

Our reports will indicate your specific genetic predisposition to certain conditions.
Personalized recommendations for your health based on your genetics.
Information about your genetic traits and how they may affect your risk for certain conditions.
A complimentary consultation with healthcare professionals to discuss your results.
Diet & Nutrition
Sports & Fitness
Drug Response

DNA Collection Guide

Uncover the secrets of your DNA with these easy steps:
Order a DNA test kit
Activate your kit
Collect your saliva sample
Return it to our lab
Get your results online and schedule a complimentary consultation with our healthcare experts
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