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“Become the best version of yourself by unlocking the power of your DNA”
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How SuperDNA is Important for Your Future Planning

At SuperDNA, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to live their healthiest, happiest life possible. Our advanced genetics analysis services can help you unlock the secrets to optimal wellness and enable you to take control of your health.

Discover how your body responds to different types of food and exercise
Empowering you to make proactive choices and improve your health outcomes
Family Planning
Take proactive steps to ensure the health and well-being of your family
Hereditary Diseases
Reduce the risk of passing on these conditions to future generations


SuperDNA provides comprehensive insights and personalized recommendations based on your report so you can make informed choices and optimize your lifestyle like never before.

Comprehensive DNA Decoding
Our WGS technology decodes 100% of your DNA to give you insights into your health, wellness and disease predisposition.
Advanced Interpretation
Specializing in advanced interpretation methods such as automation, bioinformatics, and machine learning.
Personalized Action Plan
More than 1000+ personalized actionable plans designed to help achieve your health goals based on your body needs.
Accessible & Affordable
Everyone has the opportunity to live their healthiest, happiest life with our affordable packages.

Unlock Your Genetic Code with Cutting-Edge Technology

SuperDNA’s Whole Genome Sequencing
(WGS) technology decodes 100% of your DNA with ultra-high accuracy, giving you the most comprehensive insights into your health, wellness and disease predisposition.

SuperDNA Tests
500x More Comprehensive Than Other DNA Tests
3 Billion Data Points
Other DNA Tests

700k Data Points

“Your DNA has a lot to say about your health.
We’d be glad to introduce you to our DNA packages.”

Essential DNA Test

for Personal Wellness

Complete DNA Test

for Health Consciousness

Ultimate DNA Test

for Family Wellbeing


for Early Cancer Detection
SuperDNA Sdn Bhd
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Maxine YeeMaxine Yee
07:17 22 Dec 22
Benefits:So glad I did the Ultimate DNA test. I was able to find out the full story about my genetic makeup and risks for hereditary medical conditions. Having several direct relatives who passed away early from cancer, it was a comfort to find out that I did not carry the same risks in my DNA. The test report I received was easy to read and understand. Still having lingering questions in my mind such as is it possible that these traits skipped a generation and whether I could still pass this down to my kids, I went for the complimentary consultations. So glad I did, as I received such thoughtful and empathetic guidance from genetic counsellor Jia Wen and dietitian Samantha. Based on my genetic makeup, they assured me that my kids will not inherit those cancer traits from my side. As a mother, I am really thankful to hear that. Besides, they also gave me great advice to manage my health and wellness and eased my mind further. Thank you SuperDNA!Price: Price-wise, the cost of the test is about the cost of a new iPhone 14. Considering that phones need to be replaced every few years compared to doing a test like this just once in my life and getting the full information about myself, I decided to invest in this for myself. Furthermore, SuperDNA gives free lifetime update as more new knowledge about gene-disease links are discovered. Plus currently they’re having the 50% promo for the second test. If you have been looking to get your DNA tested, then look no further, go for SuperDNA now.
Li-En LeongLi-En Leong
17:09 17 Dec 22
Is a good deal for this once in the lifetime DNA test. My ultimate test report is very detailed as well.
KS OngKS Ong
00:53 10 Dec 22
It was a great experience dealing with SuperDNA! Knowing that they are a home-grown company offering comprehensive genetic screening, I pursued their Ultimate Test mainly to have better a better idea of any hereditary disease risks that I am carrying. True enough that its report reveals many of those that I have suspected (i.e. allergies), and at the same time, provides details of other areas that I may not be aware of previously. Not forgetting that my report was generated in less than the agreed time! I would strongly recommend SuperDNA products and services for those who are keen to know more about themselves to personalise their fitness and health plans.
safwan nazrisafwan nazri
08:39 07 Dec 22
I've used this SuperDna, it's really helpful! I can know what deficiencies and Vitamins I need in the body! Thank you so much!!
It's one of those things that I WISH I had done 20 years ago! My DNA is not something I can 'change' or 'mess with' so the next best thing is to find out exactly what's in my DNA and therefore know what I need to watch out for. It's a complete and comprehensive analysis of who I am and what steps I need to take to maintain the best health possible. Best present I have ever given myself!
Esther KhorEsther Khor
08:00 17 Nov 22
What catches my attention to do my DNA test with SuperDNA is their technology and team behind it. Called them before I purchase the test, and I have decided to go ahead with their ultimate package, which provide me the information regarding my hereditary information and for family planning. With their lifetime update service, I do not need to do the test again.I love the consultation by the dietician and the genetic counsellor. They are so detailed, and they even prepared the slides to go through with me the important points.Their whole team from customer service until the consultation is so professional. I will certainly tell our friends about you, SuperDNA.
PhotoTree TreePhotoTree Tree
00:29 15 Nov 22
Received my Ultimate DNA Test report within 30 days. The results generated from the whole-genome sequencing is amazing, with all the traits related to wellness, fitness, allergy and etc, like most of the DNA tests do. But the disease risks list is comprehensive and covers almost every common disease that I know of (e.g. cancers, heart attack, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and etc), with information such as prevention, signs and symptoms for self-monitoring and the most useful part, when to see a doctor. The part that I like the most is the cancer-driver mutations which tested tens to hundreds of genes that is known to cause cancers. Although a bit pricy, but worth the money, with lifetime update some more 🙂
Chye ling TanChye ling Tan
09:22 14 Nov 22
Just did my genetic test with SuperDNA. I would say they have one of the most comprehensive reports I have seen so far. I understand my health risk better now. Giving useful insights on how I should manage my health better. Thank you SuperDNA. Will definitely introduce the test to my friends.

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