Our Science

The future of health will be personalised, and genetic testing is the tool that will make it possible

At SuperDNA, we create, follow, and are informed by cutting-edge science. Through an ever-expanding network of collaborations with academics, clinicians, and patient advocacy groups, our commitment to genetic disease detection, discovery, and diagnosis is based on sound science and is focused on enhancing patient care. Our ability to translate insights drawn from cutting-edge research into more diagnostic opportunities responsibly. Today, our discoveries fuel the industry’s understanding of genetic disease diagnosis and pave the way for better patient care, treatments, and outcomes tomorrow.

The Power of DNA Testing and Predictive Medicine

When patients present with complex issues, a genetic diagnosis is likely, but a traditional genetic test may be too narrow to identify the cause. The genome is composed of 3 billion “letters”, or base pairs, of DNA. The exome is a portion of the genome that encodes for proteins, the molecular machines that allow cells to function. Changes in the genome and exome can cause many different diseases.

WGS (Whole Genome Sequencing) can find answers that more targeted genetic tests miss and are especially useful when the timing is critical, and test results may direct or alter medical management.

Why It’s Done

Some genetic disorders present with very specific symptoms, so tests that read the ‘letters’ of a single gene or a small panel of genes may make sense. But for many other genetic diseases, patients can present with overlapping symptoms. Finding the correct diagnosis is not always straightforward and may require multiple tests, costly evaluations, invasive procedures, and long hospital stays. Exome or whole genome sequencing may be the solution.

The SuperDNA Difference

We designed our Whole Exome Sequencing (WES) and Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) solutions with better outcomes in mind. WES and WGS test for many conditions simultaneously and often find answers that more traditional, targeted tests may miss.

World's Most Advanced and Comprehensive DNA Test

Whole Genome Sequencing
SuperDNA’s WGS technology (Ultimate) decodes 100% of your DNA with ultra-high accuracy, enabling the most comprehensive insights into your health, wellness and disease predisposition
100% Genome Reads
2% Genome Reads
0.02% Genome Reads

Our Database

As the number of new research findings grows, so does our database. New data increases the potential for greater insights. By comparing new findings against the data from previous cases, we eventually can confirm whether a genetic variant is significant. This way, new variant findings lead to more answers for current and previous patients.

Internally developed with over one million data points, our database leads to more accurate and comprehensive test results. Combined with our proprietary, and state-of-the-art variant identification software, our ability to deliver highly accurate test results is unmatched and makes finding definitive risk stratification, even in complex cases, possible.

Advanced Technology With A Human Touch

Implemented with expert oversight, our advanced interpretation methods incorporate automation, bioinformatics, and machine learning, enabling efficient discovery of genetic differences at previously undetectable levels.

Proprietary secondary and
tertiary analysis pipelines

Variant interpretation methods combining intelligent automation with clinical expertise and internal knowledge bases

Prospective and retrospective
data mining