A genetic counselor is a healthcare professional who is trained to help individuals and families understand and interpret genetic testing results, and to provide guidance and support for making informed decisions about healthcare and treatment options. It may be helpful to consider seeing a genetic counselor before and after undergoing genetic testing, especially when testing results are concerning or unexpected.

Yes! With our consultation centre in Bangsar South, you can speak to our genetic experts for a pre or post-test consultation session. You can also choose to have consultation with us virtually too. Make your appointment here by contacting us at care@mysuperdna.com or at +6010 824 1238.

SuperDNA’s genetic counselling service is only available for our Complete DNA test and Ultimate DNA test. Health consultation is available for our Essential DNA test report as it covers the area of wellness, drug response and common disease risks.
No, SuperDNA’s consultation services are included in the cost of your test. Only the first consultation is free. Subsequent consultations (RM200 per session) will be charged.
Our genetic counsellor may review your family and medical history during the counselling session. You may wish to ask your family members about your family history in advance to facilitate the counselling session.
If consumer genetic testing results are concerning or unexpected, it is important to consult with a healthcare provider or genetic counselor to discuss the implications of the results and any potential next steps.