We want to offer people who are passionate about transforming other lives an opportunity to share about the great genetic insights to their loved ones and earn attractive commissions by helping others with their genetically tailored wellness and health goals.
  • You must be an existing SuperDNA customer, and at least 18 years old.  
  • You are a blogger/publisher/content creator anywhere in the world where your audience would be interested in DNA testing. 
  • You are passionate about wellness and health
  • You believe that the future of health will be personalised – and genetic testing is the tool that will make it possible.
  1. Contact us and apply to become an affiliate.
  2. Get your unique affiliate code once approved by the SuperDNA management team.
  3. Get yourself equipped with free comprehensive training from our experts in SuperDNA.
  4. Share the code via your social media accounts.
  5. Earn commission for every successful subscription using your code.
  1. Attractive commissions as your passive income.
  2. Zero risk, zero investment. You need not invest any startup cost or pay any registration fee.
  3. Strong SuperDNA support system. Knowledge training and marketing collaterals is available for our Super-ian.
SuperDNA Affiliate Program is tailored for individuals who are interested and passionate in spreading awareness on importance of genetic testing while earning commissions. On the other hand, SuperDNA referral program is a program to thank SuperDNA existing customers to introduce SuperDNA to their family and friends.